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Concrete Products July Spotlight


Fabricated from high abrasion resistant urethane material typically specified for agg bins, charge chute liners offer what product engineers note are quick installation with a lightweight, weld-in design; ease of maintenance with a simple hosing; and, noise level reduction compared to steel liners. Company officials cite positive feedback on product performance from users across the industry, including in states where hard granite is the norm for coarse aggregate.

An optional sliding additive for the liner decreases load times for producers, some of whom have noted a loading speed of 85 percent versus 75 percent-netting a 10- to 15-second per truck savings.

The Concrete Truck Charge Chute Liner joins the manufacturer’s other urethane wear resistant products for concrete operations, including Drum Liners, Wrap-Around Blade Liners, Weigh Scale Liners, Dump Cone Liners, Turn Head Liners, and Blade Pedestal Liners. Durex Products


Designed by Pearson Systems, Inc. to facilitate year-round operation of portable concrete paving plants, a self-contained, mobile water management system incorporates both a high-capacity, air-cooled water chiller and a high-efficiency hot water heater tank. It offers cost value, efficiency and maintenance advantages, the manufacturer affirms, within a footprint considerably smaller than two separate pieces of equipment.

As the combo system is totally weatherproof, protective shelter is not required. Typical systems can produce chilled or heated water sufficient for concrete production up to 3,200 yd./day and 2,900 yd./day, respectively; however, combo units can be designed for smaller or larger volumes. Since only water and power connections are needed, mobility is simplified.

The Pearson chiller controls water temperature and volume, ensuring the desired mix and yielding production savings up to 95 percent versus using ice to cool, product engineers note. Features include digital diagnostics; advanced heat exchanger; multi-scroll, fully hermetic, maintenance-free compressors; circulating pump with electric start; and, a full-load EER rating to 10.2.

The ruggedly constructed, totally automatic Pearson hot water heater features a pulsating, free Power Flame UL-approved burner for a smooth light off, which operates on No. 2 oil, natural gas or propane. Its direct heat-transfer design reportedly offers efficiency approaching 90 percent; and, equal burner firing and make-up water flow rates provide a constant water temperature. Û Pearson Systems Technical Sales Manager, 410/827-8027; [email protected]


Operation of the KFBatch2 control system has been enhanced with three easy-to-use, pop-up graphic features, KF Controls LLC reports.

  1. The mixer charge sequence window is said by system developers to provide total flexibility in setting up and monitoring the charging, interlocking, and mixing of materials for best results on dry, wet, and self-consolidating concrete mixes. Material-charge start and expected end times are set by clicking and dragging. The same window monitors real-time status of the mix cycle, showing current time in a vertical bar and the status of each material as a bar color. Up to 10 different sequences (for different types of mixes) can be set up and attached to mix designs as automatic mixing instructions.

  2. The machine mud feeding window allows the operator to visually set up and monitor by time the segmented feeding of two, three, or four colors to make variegated blocks or pavers. The feed status is shown as a moving vertical line, as the actual mud color is displayed. Set-up data is stored with the product mix design and automatically loaded for operation the next time the multi-colored product is run.

  3. The Hydronix bin and mixer probe management window promotes operator maintenance of probe functions by providing a location to store calibration data and to monitor probe operation. Valid calibration sample data is automatically converted to a best-fit line. Conversions of live probe readings to moisture percentages are graphically displayed. Different calibrations for different materials are automatically applied when switching bin materials.


Company has added two efficient aging systems Û one for pavers and one for segmental retaining wall (SRW) block. The Tumboro system crushes, grinds and crumbles paver edges like a real tumbler. It is an in-line chain system working on pavers held in place on the production board. Tumboro (right) requires what company engineers note is the smallest floor space of all aging systems with two dry-line board positions. The Hammer Ager (below) platform suits SRW in-line or off-line aging systems, and features a totally enclosed vibrator and mounted hammer tool on a spring bar. The device hits the block edges at a 45-degree angle and the face full front.