Facebook posts, text message damage accident-prone driver’s discharge claim

The Environmental Protection Agency will be remembered as a favored tool for President Obama to wield his brand of executive authority, most recently demonstrated in sweeping Clean Power Plan (note page 8) and Waters of the U.S. proposals sure to cost consumers and business what critics estimate will be tens if not hundreds of billions of dollars. Right behind the EPA will be the National Labor Relations Board, which has indulged a union-friendly White House through such measures as a rule mandating workplace display of posters detailing employees’ rights to representation; adoption of representation case procedures enabling “ambush” elections; and, reinterpretation of long-held standards for what constitutes a bargaining unit.

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At first glance, EPA Waters rule keeps concrete plants’ CWA exemptions

Sources: National Ready Mixed Concrete Association, Silver Spring, Md.; Environmental Protection Agency; CP staff

In their early reading of the final “Waters of the U.S.” rule, or Clean Water Rule the EPA and U.S. Army jointly announced late last month, NRMCA Government Affairs staff cite exclusion of certain ready mixed concrete plant aspects, but are reviewing the document for more specifics on industry impact and producer compliance measures.

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