Chemical supply hitches hit accelerator, MRWR, strength-enhancing admixtures

Source: CP staff Domestic and overseas chemical processors and distributors indicate potential price increases in the 40-75 percent range for sodium thiocyanate (NaSCN), a key compound concrete admixture producers use in non-chloride set accelerators, mid-range water reducers and strength-enhancing agents. 

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LignoTech-backed $110M venture to stabilize global supply of key water reducer ingredient

26 Rayonier 150

Rayonier Advanced Materials, Jacksonville, Fla., and Borregaard ASA, Sarpsborg, Norway, have effected a letter of intent to develop a 150,000-metric-ton capacity production line for lignin, a cellulose-derived raw material where global supply and demand imbalance invites price spikes of products including concrete admixtures. Their 45/55 joint venture will be based at the Fernandina Beach, Fla., cellulose fiber processing plant of minority partner Rayonier.

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