Valmont Utility: A credible conduit

Cement and concrete interests will be challenged to find a better manifestation of traditional and low-carbon era value propositions than our cover story subject, Valmont Utility’s superlative spun prestressed transmission and distribution (T&D) pole plant (pages 38-41). Beyond elevating the industry and its customers, the Bristol, Ind. operation conveys the right message about concrete at an ideal point:  Market development.…

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Haarup helps Valmont Utility scale rising prestressed pole demand


In 2016, Valmont Utility completed the installation of a new batching and mixing plant for concrete utility poles production in Bartow, Fla. The company is a leading fabricator of concrete and steel structures for the electric utility industry, and the central Florida operation is the largest source of static cast and spun prestressed concrete utility poles in the U.S.

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