Safety Always

Best in class performance nets Texas ready mixed and aggregate operator preferential treatment at insurance policy renewal time This past year has been extremely difficult for industry producers aiming to control insurance costs, with many experiencing dramatic increases in premium renewals and coverage. Umbrella policy spikes of 100 percent to 400 percent have not been not uncommon.  Then there’s Permian…

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Safety Council spotlights workplace perils of cannabis consumption

Sources: National Safety Council, Itasca, Ill.; CP staff

The National Safety Council calls on employers to ban the use of cannabis, regardless of state laws on consumption of the substance, for workers in safety sensitive positions, where execution of duties impacts the well being of the employees themselves and co-workers. 

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Fall protection, hazard communication top OSHA violations tally for FY2013

Fall Protection once again leads the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s top 10 most-cited workplace safety violations, which the National Safety Council announced last month in Chicago during its 2013 Congress & Expo.

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