Filter Press, Reclaimer Round Up

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Concrete plant/yard space limitations, tightening storm and process water management rules, escalating waste-concrete hauling and disposal costs, and sustainability-driven water recycling measures are prompting more producers to invest in mix reclaiming and slurry filter press equipment. Concrete Products visits key players in both categories.

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Filter Press Equipment

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Challenges to optimize yard space utilization, step up water and material recycling rates, and lower process-waste disposal costs are driving concrete producers’ adoption of equipment well established in the mining business. Filter presses used in tandem with concrete reclaimers accelerate the water recycling loop and limit landfill-bound material to low-moisture cakes of primarily cement fine composition. Along with the McLanahan Concrete Washout System on the preceding pages, Concrete Products examines additional filter press offerings.

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Trucks debut, portable plants rise, filters press in Las Vegas

Sources: CP staff; Informa Exhibitions U.S., Irving, Texas

Three years of respectable concrete output gains backed the strong attendance and exhibitor participation levels at World of Concrete 2015, February 2-6 in Las Vegas. Early on day one of exhibits, Portland Cement Association Chief Economist Ed Sullivan confirmed market trends fueling the positive mood across the Las Vegas Convention Center: 2014 cement shipment reports are trending an 8 percent increase over 2013 figures, he noted, and the industry is likely to match that pace in 2015 and 2016.

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