Universal pendant control

Engineered for operator comfort, the CM Rocket delivers precision control and accuracy. Compared to traditional straight-grip and push-button configurations, the new pendant control’s rocker switch and comfort-fit design give operators ultimate load command while reducing hand strain and fatigue—allowing for safer and more efficient operation of hoists and industrial equipment with momentary operation. The switch’s wide shape, along with rugged, no-slip directional indicators, allows for easy operation with or without gloves.

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Material handling devices


Equipped with the Sidewinder lever handle, the new CM Tornado 360° enables operators to be more productive with significantly less effort compared to conventional ratchet lever tools, product engineers contend. The Sidewinder lever handle features a 360-degree rotating lever and fold-out revolving handle. Working in unison, they allow the operator to realize the full potential of 360-degree rotation from a safe, ergonomic position. The design reduces repetitive wrist action experienced with traditional lever hoists, letting the operator utilize a full range of motion to work up to 12 times faster. The Tornado’s double-reduction gearing and high-quality bearings decrease pull force by up to 30 percent, minimizing operator fatigue as compared to using conventional ratchet lever tools. The Tornado is available in ¾- and 1.5-ton capacities with standard lifts up to 20 feet.

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Wire rope hoists


Company engineers Global King and World Series wire rope hoists for challenging material or product handling and transfer. For greater speed adjustment, improved load control and increased hoist life, the hoists are available with Magnetek variable frequency drives, providing user-friendly controls and a keypad for easy programming and on-the-spot troubleshooting.

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