Blended cements lead industry priority list for remainder of decade

Sources: Portland Cement Association, Washington, D.C.; Cement Products staff

Mike Ireland. Photo: Josh Gold Photography for PCA

Portland Cement Association CEO Mike Ireland cites blended cements, plus alternative fuels and carbon, capture, utilization and storage technology, as top producer priorities for the next five years. Addressing the IEEE-IAS/PCA Cement Industry Conference in Denver earlier this month, he also reflected on major 2023 market, environmental and government relations deliverables: Attainment of portland-cement limestone (PLC) approval at all 50 state transportation agencies; estimated avoidance of 4 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions stemming from high (≥ 95 percent) clinker content ASTM C150 Type I/II to PLC or ASTM C1157 Type IL binders; plus, 11 PCA member plants’ Environmental Protection Agency Energy Star Program recognition. 

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