Allen Ready Mix inaugurates Rotabelt R-Drive conveyor remote control

Mounted on the transmission and steering column, the R-Drive clutch and motor afford left-right and forward-back conveyor movement. They require weekly lubrication at four points and weigh 550 lbs.

Allen Ready Mix Concrete Inc. is ready to elevate placement services for residential and commercial project customers leading into the main 2024 construction season. The Maryville, Mo. producer is the first North American operator to deploy the new R-Drive hydrostatic system for wireless remote control of the Rotabelt 3D16 Rotating Chute truck-mounted conveyor. The system combines a clutch mounted on the transmission surrounding the truck’s drive shaft and a motor mounted on the steering column above the steering box. During R-Drive operation, the gearbox is engaged by a clutch surrounding the drive shaft and two serrated wheels to control the steering. The device supports forward-backward and left-right conveyor maneuvering from outside the mixer truck cab.

Rotabelt USA promotes rear discharge mixers bearing the 3D16 conveyor—or two companion Rotating Chute or four TS Telescopic Conveyor models—as economical alternatives to front discharge mixer trucks. The R-Drive-equipped 3D16 is the third Rotabelt conveyor in a mixer fleet with which Allen Ready Mix serves a western Missouri market centered in the triangular area between Omaha, Neb., Des Moines, Iowa and Kansas City. The producer spec’ed the T3D16 around a Western Star 47X and standard Con-Tech mixer package. — Rotabelt USA, Milton, Pa., 570/522-8386;

The 3D16 Rotating Chute model conveys mixes from 20.5- to 53-ft. distances at heights to 23 feet. A belt just over 14 in. wide supports discharge rates up to 92 yd./hour. The conveyor and stabilizers weigh 6,160 lbs.