Emissions calculator programmer EC3 releases embodied carbon primer

Sources: Building Transparency, Seattle; CP staff

The nonprofit organization behind the environmental product declaration data- and document-laden Embodied Carbon Calculator (EC3), has published a guide preparing manufacturers, producers and suppliers for the Buy Clean policies surfacing at federal, state and local agency levels. In Manufacturer’s Guide to Embodied Carbon, Building Transparency provides building carbon emissions accounting basics and steps for reducing construction materials, products or assemblies’ carbon footprints. The 16-page document was developed by the group’s Materials Carbon Action Network (materialsCAN), representing members of the global building industry ready to act on the smart prioritization of embodied carbon in project specifications. 

The document is posted here.

“Supporting low-carbon procurement is a critical part of our effort to address embodied carbon’s role in climate change. Luckily, our tools, expertise, and data enable us to support policymakers as they create and explore what this could look like,” says Building Transparency Executive Director Stacy Smedley. “We also work ardently to educate manufacturers across the industry to understand embodied carbon and its impact on the environment. The Manufacturer’s Guide to Embodied Carbon is a resource for industry leaders to learn how to get started and act.”

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