Aercon, Litecrete J.V. outlines autoclaved aerated concrete panel plant ambitions

Sources: Megaacrete LLC, Kerrville, Texas; CP staff

The Megaacrete AAC mix design combines silica sand, portland cement, lime, gypsum and aluminum powder. When steam cured in a pressurized autoclave chamber, the aluminum reacts with other mix constituents to yield an aerated matrix one-fifth the weight of conventional concrete.

A new joint venture between Aercon LLC, Haines City, Fla. autoclaved aerated concrete producer, and Litecrete S.A. de C.V., Mexico-based parent of Miami steel fabricator and erector Litecrete Inc., plans to build a 120,000-sq.-ft. Kerrville, Texas plant dedicated to thin, reinforced AAC panels for buildings of wood or light gauge metal construction. Scheduled for 2025 start up, the $40 million Megaacrete operation will deploy Aircrete Europe casting and curing technology for branded Power Panel, Power Floor or Firewall series AAC panels—fabricated in four- to 10-ft. lengths and two-, three- or four-in. thicknesses. The joint venture will target primarily markets in the Midwest and West, promoting signature AAC properties: speed of construction; thermal and acoustic abilities; resistance to pests and mold; and, superior fire ratings. 

“Megaacrete operations are estimated to add $58 million to the local economy, with projects adding hundreds of jobs over the next five years,” says Kerr Economic Development Corporation Executive Director. “The manufacturer’s economic impact will be felt for years to come, especially as it pertains to the region’s supply chain and local economy.”

A 30-year-old steel shop and construction services provider, Litecrete is owned by Mexico’s Zambrano family, a founding member of Cemex S.A.B. de C.V. Aercon, owned by the Herb family, has been an industry leader in AAC production since 2002.

“Partnering with the Herb family and Aercon will provide the AAC industry in the U.S. the technical, operative and economic support needed to position thin panels as a mainstream solution to sustainable and energy-efficient construction practices,” says Megaacrete co-owner Bernardo Zambrano. “We will set the standard for AAC production in the U.S. and North America for production quality and customer service.”