ASHRAE, ICC open building life cycle emissions draft standard to comment

Sources: ASHRAE, Atlanta; CP staff

ASHRAE and the International Code Council invite comment to their jointly development document, Proposed ASHRAE/ICC Standard 240P – Quantification of Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Buildings, through March 18. The draft of the standard can be obtained and comments portal accessed here. Standard 240P will provide a methodology to quantify the embodied and operational GHG emissions associated with buildings and their sites, plus requirements for documentation of life cycle GHG emissions. It is intended to support building industry stakeholders, governments and the finance or investment community in implementing a common platform for measuring, reporting and acting upon the GHG emissions of buildings.


Referencing procurement and delivery stages common in environmental product declarations, ASHRAE/ICC Standard 240P firmly delineates measurement of embodied versus operational GHG emissions associated with building construction and use.

“Standard 240P will play a pivotal role in addressing embodied carbon and significantly impacting the built environment’s greenhouse gas emissions,” says 2023-24 ASHRAE President Ginger Scoggins, P.E., Fellow ASHRAE. “We are pleased to collaborate with the International Code Council on this standard, recognizing the joint effort’s potential to advance effective solutions and contribute to a more sustainable future.”