Cement-free face mix premiers on Unilock EcoTerra series pavers 

EcoTerra pavers are debuting in a 4- x 12-in. plank profile with smooth, shot-blast surface in Light Steel Grey or Light Opal Blend colors.

Sources: Unilock LLC, Toronto; CP staff

Major hardscape unit producer Unilock is ushering a new, greener era with EcoTerra paving stones, whose face mixes are formulated with carbon-neutral, alkali-activated mineral binder. The mix design yields a highly durable, colorfast product with carbon metrics up to 15 percent below those of paving stones molded with portland cement face and base mixes. An absence of portland cement enables the mineral binder to perform free of chemical reactions spawning efflorescence common in concrete masonry hardscape and building units. EcoTerra pavers also feature EnduraColor, whose two-step process ensures a refined surface and bright color. Their water repellant properties help keep curtail dirt and stain penetration. 

“We’re excited to bring EcoTerra to the hardscape market as a part of our efforts to pave a greener way,” says Unilock Director of Sustainability Elaine Willis. “The world is focused on cutting carbon emissions, and this is just the first step in the evolution of concrete paver production. While the entire cement industry is working toward large scale, long term solutions that reduce carbon emissions throughout their value chain, we each need to do we can today. That’s why it’s important for us to bring EcoTerra to market.”