System Pavers homeowner survey paints flatwork to hardscape shift

Sources: System Pavers, Santa Ana, Calif.; CP staff

The inaugural Outdoor Living Trends Index of leading West Coast and Southwest hardscape unit installer System Pavers’ cites the exterior improvements that are top of mind for homeowners entering the new year: Adding a fire pit, outdoor kitchen or pergola, or replacing concrete flatwork with paving stones. “The results of the first question in our Index are not in the least bit surprising based on feedback we receive daily from homeowners. Over the past several years, the fire pit has become synonymous with family gatherings and spending time together with loved ones outdoors,” says Director of Operations, Texas Joe Kauffman. 



Outdoor Living Trends Index survey respondents answer the lead question:
What is one upgrade you would like to make for the new year?

The second question asked homeowners to rank the spaces in their homes they would like to renovate most in 2024. Choices included kitchen, outdoor living space, living room and bathroom. Results revealed the outdoor living space as the top priority in 2024 for renovation, with 34 percent of participants ranking it first, followed by the kitchen and the bathroom.

“As we look at sales and leads year-over-year, it’s clear homeowners are prioritizing their outdoor living spaces more and more. The momentum is exciting and validated based on survey results,” affirms System Pavers CEO Syed Zaidi. “To stay current with evolving expectations, attitudes and behaviors, we will issue our Outdoor Living Trends Index quarterly throughout the year. We look forward to providing industry peers with data and insights that can help to shape their forecasting and customer offerings in 2024.”

System Pavers polls American homeowners over the age of 25 with an annual household income of more than $100,000. Outdoor Living Index survey respondents receive questions via text message or directly through a mobile app. Full results from the survey are posted here.