Buzzi Unicem’s Toso, Ash Grove East’s Manolas lead PCA officer slate

Sources: Portland Cement Association, Washington, D.C.; CP staff

Portland Cement Association members have elected Buzzi Unicem USA CEO Massimo Toso as board chairman and Ash Grove Cement East President Monica Manolas as vice chair, both for two-year terms. Toso succeeds Votorantim Cimentos North America CEO Filiberto Ruiz, who took the helm shortly after the October 2021 release of the PCA Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality. A call to action for PCA directors, members and staff, the document presents an overall strategy for the cement, concrete and construction industries to collaborate in initiatives to cut carbon emissions and reach neutrality by 2050.

Monica Manolas
Massimo Toso

“As I assume the role of Chair in this pivotal moment, let our leadership unite in a shared commitment,” says Toso. “We must confirm our goal to be part of the carbon reduction program defined by the PCA Roadmap and be sure that cement and concrete will remain the most resilient and sustainable construction materials in the market.”

“With the PCA Roadmap as a guide, and the exciting opportunities in this golden age of construction, I am committed to helping our communities build a more resilient world with a strong and sustainable cement and concrete industry,” adds Manolas, who is on track to become the first woman to lead the PCA Board this century. 

“The cement industry has been laser-focused on sustainability, and although our association membership consists of competitors, it is unified in the belief that getting to carbon neutrality should be this industry’s top objective,” affirms PCA CEO Mike Ireland. “Massimo and Monica are exemplary industry leaders who have forward-thinking initiatives established at their plants and are eager to implement more. They are the right people at this time to push PCA closer to its goal of a carbon neutral future.”