Design-Build Institute revisits project benchmark reference

New publication is posted here.

Sources: Design-Build Institute of America, Washington, D.C.; CP staff

The new Design-Build Institute of America Project Delivery Primer provides owners information regarding contract structure and terms. Authors combine two previous DBIA resources, What is Design-Build? and Choosing a Project Delivery Method, to reflect changes in building and infrastructure work, chiefly the growth of design-build and decline of the traditional design/bid/build method. An owner’s delivery method decision drives how all other parties are brought into and engaged in the project, DBIA contends, necessitating clear steps for planning, design and construction to ensure team members are on the same page throughout a schedule. 

The Project Delivery Primer a) outlines the relationship between key factors of a Strategic Acquisition Plan, including project delivery system, procurement method and contract format; b) describes the relationships between and responsibilities of the parties involved in a project; and, c) compares and contrasts design-build, construction management at risk and design/bid/build delivery methods.