Mixer truck tire monitors

Doran 360 tire pressure and temperature monitoring equips fleets to reduce maintenance costs, extend tire tread life, protect casings, and minimize catastrophic failures.

Doran 360 systems eliminate dangerous and costly run-flats for ready mixed concrete delivery and other heavy-duty fleets by providing real-time alerts for low inflation pressure, rapid deflation events, and extreme temperatures. External, valve stem-mounted sensors relay pressure and temperature data to an in-cab monitor/display. With the Green Means Good at-a-glance indicator, drivers can easily identify if there’s an issue with one of their tires. In that case, the audible alerts and visual warnings help drivers quickly identify which tire is affected and see the digital pressure reading. 

The increased visibility on tire inflation helps drivers avoid run-flats, which can be especially dangerous on construction sites, along with costly and time-consuming roadside replacements. The manufacturer provides a full range of tire monitoring options, from individual systems to advanced fleet management solutions suiting mixer or dump truck fleets, cranes, plus other heavy on-and off-road equipment. — Doran, Cincinnati, Ohio, 866/816-7233; www.doranmfg.com