Degreaser spray

Chlor-Free Universal Degreaser is formulated without chlorine to aggressively dissolve grease, dirt and oils. Packaged in a 14-wt. oz spray can, it features a PowerJet Spray Nozzle to quickly blast away contaminants. Chlor-Free leaves no residue and its fast evaporation properties mean less downtime. It works on motors, chains, wire ropes, cables, gears, generators, power tools, parts, bearings, pumps and heavy equipment—anywhere a low flashpoint is acceptable. “As more states regulate the VOC limit to 10 percent, we must continue to innovate quality cleaners and degreasers that comply,” says CRC Product Manager Tina Christie. “Chlor-Free Universal Degreaser is the first 50-state VOC compliant formula that is truly effective at the heavy-duty cleaning required in industrial settings. By eliminating the use of chlorinated compounds, our new product ensures full compliance.” — CRC Industries Inc., Horsham, Pa., 215/674-4300;