Device measures silica particulate concentration in real time

The Air XS Silica Monitor is billed as the world’s first real time detector for silica particulates. Free of complicated set-up or time-consuming training requirements, it measures airborne dust mixtures’ respirable crystalline silica (RCS) in plant environments and on job sites.

The Air XS Silica Monitor displays the presence of RCS mass by volume, while also distinguishing the presence of RSC within dust mixtures. In addition, it can track changing concentrations of RCS content over time, letting workers know if the amount of silica particulates in their space is increasing as they work and when it reaches hazardous levels. Real time monitoring helps prevent silicosis associated diseases caused by RCS inhalation, providing safety and security for workers and businesses. The Air XS Silica Monitor can be programmed for exposure limit thresholds and warnings (Short Term Exposure Limits and Time Weighted Averages), allowing for easy customization as needed. Monthly maintenance cycles average five minutes. 

“The Air XS is a global-leading solution to an increasing health problem in many industries,” says Trolex CEO Glyn Pierce-Jones. “Real time silica monitoring is the safest and most cost-effective way to promote workers’ health in the industries associated with RCS. The Air XS will substantially reduce the number of surveys needed onsite, improve processes, create smart ventilation and extraction systems, and identify inefficiencies.” — Trolex, Stockport, United Kingdom; North American representative, Stone Industry Group, Dover, Del., 302/864-2272;