Lehigh White Cement parent company packages UHPC binder

Sources: Cementir Group, Italy; CP staff

Cementir presents the just-launched Aalborg InBind as a flexible white binder enabling manufactured-concrete producers to optimize ultra-high performance mix designs leveraging locally available materials. Based on FutureCem technology formulations—heavy on limestone and calcined clays—InBind supports the recently introduced InWhite Solutions packaged concretes and mortars. The first InWhite offerings, Excel and Extreme, are available in North America through Lehigh White Cement, Florida-based Cementir subsidiary and Aalborg Portland sister company.

“We are proud to accelerate Ultra High Performance Concrete technology utilization by launching InBind, which is the valuable complement to our existing range,” says Cementir Group Chief Sales, Marketing and Commercial Development Officer Michel Di Marino. “The scaling-up on UHPC technology depends mainly on the stable supply of supplementary cementitious materials. Besides, the specific needs of local projects have led precasters to look for their own UHPC by using local aggregates and chemical admixtures. UHPC development is complex and time-consuming with a high trial-and-error cost, requiring large amounts of SCM materials that are often in short supply. InBind is set to meet the market needs by providing a flexible and user-friendly binder solution.”

Additional information on the InBind binder and InWhite concrete or mortar series can be obtained here.

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