Outrigger pads

The SafetyTech D1824 model includes TuffGrip Handles with standard top and side placements for traditional or suitcase carry options. Recessed Radius pads are best for concrete pumping equipment and engineered to safely contain an outrigger foot.

Company’s Special Duty Outrigger Pads from the SafetyTech product line can now be purchased at store.dicausa.com. Cavity Pad and Cavity Pad Plus offer recessed and beveled edge guard solutions to contain machine stabilizer feet. The 2-in. thick Recessed Radius Pads effectively support concrete pumping equipment and utilize a round recess to contain an outrigger foot. Sliding Shoe Pads lock onto the stabilizer feet of tracked lifts and mini cranes so that equipment can be easily repositioned or secured for travel without having to stow the outrigger pads. The company encourages customers to consult with their fitting consultants to help ensure accurate outrigger pad and crane pad selection, but notes how product availability in the eCommerce portal increases convenience where sizing is less involved. — DICA USA, Guthrie Center, Iowa, 800/610-3422; www.dicausa.com