Fire-resistant ADA tiles

AlertTile FR detectable warning product has joined company’s ADA tactile safety line. Fire resistant, durable and lightweight, the glass-reinforced thermoset composite tile is engineered for impact, slip and wear resistance, plus long-term durability in new or retrofit applications. The exclusive AlertTile FR design incorporates a thin, semi-rigid profile with a beveled edge to provide a safe and easy pedestrian transition. 

The surface applied composite features truncated domes designed to comply with ADA/AODA standards. AlertTile FR is flexible enough to conform to ramp irregularities and utilizes its own anchoring system. A premium UV resistance system ensures long-term color retention. Available colors, integral throughout, include: Yellow, Colonial Red, Brick Red, Black, and Dark Grey. Tiles are 1-ft. deep, 3- or 4-ft. wide. 

The product is designed and engineered for interior exit stair wells, vestibules to exit stairs, lobbies, and corridors. Notably, the fire-resistant glass reinforced thermoset composite product exhibits superior smoke and flame resistance−meeting the critical ULC-S102.2 fire-resistance standard rating (< 5 Flame Smoke Rating, < 15 Smoke Development). A premium adhesive and Hilti HUD anchors with stainless steel screws contribute to installation speed and ease. Installers simply apply the adhesive on the back, place in desired location, and secure the anchors. — Detectable Warning Systems/Mar-Bal Inc., Chagrin Falls, Ohio, 866/999-7452;