Coretex program creates first ‘truck area network’ for mixer fleets

Coretex, developer of cloud-based visualization software to help heavy-duty truck fleets turn rich data into automated business intelligence, unveiled an integrated Internet of Things solution at World of Concrete 2021. CoreHub connects an in-vehicle IoT hub with self-installed wireless drum rotation, hydraulic temperature and water add meter sensors, plus cameras throughout a mixer truck. By collecting and presenting information about the driver, vehicle and load, the devices and camera contextualize what is happening with the ready mixed concrete order and provide full digital view of supply chain operations.

Concurrent with the CoreHub launch, Coretex has expanded analytics support staff to assist ready mixed concrete producers in maximizing use of captured plant, route, site and quality control data.

“We are excited to lead the industry in replacing old school telematics with a complete view for precision pouring, including real-time tracking, auto-statusing and specialized GPS features,” says Coretex Co-Founder and Executive Vice President Dean Marris. “Key personnel have been able to see at any given point in time how many concrete mixer trucks are ticketed, en route to a job, waiting on site, pouring, and traveling back to their plants, but now far more accurately and in high definition.”

CoreHub will push the limits of engineering to deliver the future of fleet management, he adds, bringing all vehicles and assets to one platform, while leveraging data and predictive analytics. It provides key quality control and concrete load integrity information, including valuable sensor data about the mix; water added at the slump stand and job site; and, time to pour. Comprehensive verification reports allow producers to prove to contractors that their concrete was delivered on time and according to specification.

Coretex solutions collect data from disparate sources and integrate with leading dispatch systems to replay trips, define and manage geofences, control assets, monitor driver behavior, and maintain service records. At World of Concrete, Coretex also announced its partnership and integration with CiDRA Concrete, whose IoT-enabled mixer truck hardware provides a real time feed of mix air, slump, and temperature data from the batch plant to the jobsite. — Coretex, San Diego, 888/887-0935;

Coretex has tailored the CoreHub hardware package and companion app for ease of installation and deployment. The CoreHub card supports up to 10 wireless devices.