Oldcastle Infrastructure evolves polymer reinforcement practice

Oldcastle Infrastructure has approved namesake composite lattice material from WEAV3D Inc. for reinforcement applications in its polymer concrete and SMC composite products. Ideal for underground energy, transportation and communication applications, the WEAV3D lattice is a non-metallic reinforcement that provides high levels of durability and strength, as well as resistance to corrosion and other environmental conditions. It addresses limitations of traditional fiber reinforced plastic rebar solutions in that it is weldable, formable on-site, and can be provided as sheet or roll stock based on the length of material required.

The patent-pending WEAV3D composite forming process enables production of optimized lattice structures that can be utilized as an alternative or supplement to steel rebar and wire cages in reinforced polymer concrete.

Initially developed for a new polymer concrete cable trench bearing 16,000-lb. maximum wheel loads, WEAV3D composite is an alternative to traditional steel wire reinforcement. The lattice is based on a thermoplastic composite material that forms an adhesive bond with polymer concrete and provides exceptional impact and tensile load resistance. The reinforcement imparts targeted strength around cable trench drain holes and ends, reducing the likelihood of damage during transportation and installation. It also eliminates the corrosion that can occur when products are cut or drilled and steel is exposed. WEAV3D reinforcements will be available for a wide range of Oldcastle Infrastructure products.

The producer continually evaluates innovative materials and technologies enabling development of lightweight, durable and economical structures or components. “The WEAV3D lattice offers flexibility and performance in the design, handling and placement of reinforcement that cannot be matched with traditional steel reinforcing,” says Oldcastle Infrastructure Product Manager Chris Schultz, P.E.

“Using thermoplastic composite materials that bond with Oldcastle’s resin yields the best possible strength and mechanical properties. Our composites are also cost competitive with steel reinforcement,” adds WEAV3D founder and CEO Christopher Oberste, Ph.D., whose business was spun out of the Georgia Institute of Technology Materials Science and Engineering Department in 2017. — WEAVD3D Inc., Atlanta, www.weav3d.com