QC ahead of dispatch in technology adoption; chats beckon

Source: BCMI Corp., Bellingham, Wash.

An analysis of ready mixed producers’ leveraging of the mobile device ecosystem that has evolved since the iPhone’s 2007 debut tracks widely adopted changes in functions like quality control, gradual reshaping of dispatch methods through cloud-based platforms, and advanced chat systems fostering productive team member collaboration. BCMI Principal Craig Yeack makes his case for “Industry is perfectly poised to deploy a mobile workforce” here.

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Command Alkon, Infotech power electronic ticketing network

Sources: Command Alkon, Birmingham, Ala.; CP staff

Command Alkon and Gainesville, Fla.-based infrastructure construction software provider Infotech are teaming to provide electronic material delivery ticketing free of charge through June 30. A new cloud-enabled network combines the companies’ respective Connex platform and Doc Express service to remove the need for face-to-face jobsite interactions and ticket exchanges between suppliers, drivers and contractors.

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