Slag cement shipments continue growth trajectory

Source: Slag Cement Association, Farmington Hills, Mich.

Slag cement shipments remain on the rise, as 2019 saw a 10.8 percent increase over 2018 totals; marked a fourth consecutive year of double-digit percentage growth; and, capped a five-year period in which deliveries across the United States climbed from 2.43 million to 3.82 million metric tons.

The Slag Cement Association attributes the gain in part to the material’s measurable benefits in concrete, including better workability and finishability, thermal stress reduction, higher compressive and flexural strength development, and improved resistance to aggressive chemicals. “We have seen a substantial increase in slag cement use as concrete professionals become more and more familiar with the product,” says SCA President Ed Griffith. “The Association is here to be a resource for those in the industry who want to capitalize on the use of slag cement for its durable, sustainable, and resilient properties.”