Crystalline waterproofing systems

Adi-Con CW Plus is a crystalline admixture whose proprietary reactive chemicals integrally waterproof concrete and mortar. Along with products of cement hydration, the chemicals spur formation of a nonsoluble gel throughout the matrix pores and capillary tracts. The admixture reduces concrete permeability; protects surfaces from chloride exposure and carbonation; and, reduces deterioration attributable to chemical attack and reinforcing steel corrosion.

Cem-Kote CW Plus, a topically applied crystalline waterproofing agent, exhibits toughness and durability without requiring an additional coating. It protects concrete against high hydrostatic pressure and aggressive environments, and can withstand even heavy vehicular traffic. In contrast to polymer coatings that need to be cured 28 days or longer, Cem-Kote CW Plus can be applied as a cementitious slurry only one day after placing concrete. It also suits application at high relative humidity and over water saturated surfaces.Gemite Products Inc., Toronto, 905/672-2020;