New ACI committee to pursue precast structural code

Source: American Concrete Institute, Farmington Hills, Mich.

ACI Committee 319, Precast Structural Concrete Code will host its inaugural meeting October 19 during the American Concrete Institute Fall Convention in Cincinnati. As committee chair, University of Minnesota, Duluth Professor of Civil Engineering Andrea Schokker will steer development of building code requirements that address the unique aspects of precast and prestressed concrete.

Although guidance documents for the design of connections and structural precast members can be found in the industry, ACI notes, building code officials often require documents that delineate minimum requirements in mandatory language that have been developed using an open consensus process. Institute officials expect that the new precast structural concrete code requirements will complement ACI 318: Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete. Committee 319 and its future code document set a precedent for additional content geared to specific industry segments or construction types. Perhaps first in that cue will be documents from another committee in the works, ACI 320, Post-Tensioned Structural Concrete Code.