Tiger sheds cables with battery-operated rack crawler

Pathfinder Systems has unveiled a rack crawler for its Tiger International Inc. machine series. With a compact design and wireless charging technology, the battery-operated, low profile equipment eliminates the potential for time consuming tasks associated with festoon power cables, especially tangles or snags.

Wi-Fi enables communication between the crawler, transporter and wireless charging control panels, shown respectively, from left, in their cabinets. Upon return to the transport car, the crawler engages a charger nestled between the crawler and wireless charging panels. Positional sensors ensure that the crawler is properly situated for wireless charging.

The device uses Wi-Fi communication between crawler, transporter and wireless charging control panels. While docked on the transporter car, the crawler charges wirelessly. The crawler and transfer car use positional sensors to ensure that the equipment is in the proper location to allow for wireless charging. Additionally, the crawler is equipped with light displays to allow the operator easy troubleshooting in case of an issue with the charger or equipment position. If necessary, the crawler can be manually moved using a release valve to lift the electrically driven wheels onto free rolling wheels. The electrical cabinet inside holds the charger, and has a display for errors and charging status.

The new Battery- Operated Rack Crawler, Pathfinder Systems notes, highlights Tiger International’s dedication to responding to customer requirements with emerging technologies and advancing block & paver production. — Pathfinder Systems, Holland, Mich., 616/395-8447, 877/498-4437; www.pathfindersystem.com