Truck-Mounted Cranes


Pal ii

Robust knuckleboom cranes suit handling and delivery of tanks, catch basins, burial or utility vaults, monuments, stairs, modular buildings plus other precast concrete structures and components. The cranes are engineered with extreme precision and equipped with radio remote controls or manual options. They are designed and assembled with proven continuous rotation system, low maintenance booms, auxiliary and hydraulic tiltable stabilizers, and Powerlink plus boom feature to optimize performance and maximize productivity. — Palfinger North America Region, Niagara Falls, Ontario; 905/374 3363, 800/567-1554;


QMC Cranes

QMC ii


Four 40 and 50 Series cranes, built for attaining high lift to weight ratios in precast handling and delivery, operate with continuous 360-deg. rotation using ground level controls and are engineered to shoulder loads throughout a duty cycle. The cranes reeve from one to five parts of line without requiring snatch block attachment. QMC engineers and assembly staff will mount cranes on a variety of chassis and cab styles; maximize payloads while observing federal and state axle weight limits; determine best placement with proprietary software; and, leverage individual function controls for easier sets on uneven terrain.

The 4033R crane is 21 ft. 10 in. retracted, 32 ft. 10 in. extended, and configured for a 17,850-lb. payload on a truck and flatbed with 290-in. wheel base. The 4037R is 22 ft. 10 in. retracted, 36 ft. 10 in. extended, and configured for a 17,270-lb. payload on a truck and flatbed with 292-in. wheel base. The 5034R crane is 22 ft. 10 in. retracted, 33 ft. 10 in. extended, and configured for a 12,620-lb. payload on truck and flatbed with 313-in. wheel base. The 5037R is 22 ft. 10 in. retracted, 36 ft. 10 in. extended, and configured for a 12,480-lb. payload on a truck and flatbed with 313-in. wheel base.

QMC underscores the timeliness of precast-geared fleet investment when factoring a current wave of public and private infrastructure investment, noting in a Q1 2019 brief: “Precast concrete businesses ready to take on new market opportunities and increased project loads will benefit most. Their level of preparedness runs the gamut from having experienced workers—and enough of them—to the degree of technology deployed effectively. Technology, tools, and equipment are among the key differentiators at a tactical level for winning bids, delivering on expectations, and gaining repeat business.

“Reinvestment in capital equipment is especially strong industry wide … For precasters the right equipment may mean the difference between landing more business or losing market share. Productivity, safety, and project size and scope can all be impacted by the type of equipment a precaster brings to each job.”

“We had a number of precasters stop by our booth at the NPCA The Precast Show 2019 and ask about the latest designs, software applications, and safety upgrades with our products,” adds QMC General Manager Brent Petring. “There seems to be a genuine interest in reinvesting in state-of-the-art equipment during the precast boom. We can help make that happen.” — QMC Cranes, Fountain Valley, Calif., 800/331-7959; www.qmccranes


Hiab USA

Business Development Manager Terry Fidler tests the VSL+ feature in the Precast Show demonstration area. PHOTO: Concrete Products

Manufacturer offers truck-mounted knuckle boom cranes in the 28- to 90-ton meter range for precast concrete product delivery and transfer. It demonstrated the newest safety feature, Variable Stability Logic Plus, at the 2019 Precast Show. VSL+ regulates crane capacity in relation to actual vehicle stability by sensing each stabilizer leg’s position and load. It also factors the ballast effect of any load or product remaining on the bed after each pick. In optimal stabilizer placement, VSL+ maximizes crane capacity throughout a transfer cycle, and affords operators near full capacity when sites or conditions limit leg positioning. — Hiab USA Inc., Perrysburg Ohio, 800-852-2331;



Manitex ii

PM Cranes articulating models run from 1.5-metric ton to 100-plus metric ton capacity for a variety of applications. The PM Medium and Heavy Series are especially geared to precast concrete. The Medium range includes the PM 16, 21.5 S, 26.5 S, 36.5 S and 38.5 SP models, rated at 13- to 34-mt capacities and manufactured with up to seven or eight extensions. The Heavy range includes the PM 65SP, 100SP, 150SP and 210 SP models, with ratings of 54 to 150 mt.

The manufacturer presents PM Series as optimal mobile crane packages that maximize payload. A team of engineers and service technicians based out of Texas headquarters supports all cranes in the field and aims to maximize the uptime for owners and operators. Aftermarket service and technical support are also handled out of Texas or through nationwide dealer network. — Manitex Inc., Georgetown, Texas; 512/942-3046