Hard hats integrate eye shields

Company’s Centurion series of industrial safety helmets have built-in eye shields, affording convenience, workplace safety regulation compliance, and the option of users keeping their prescription eyewear. The series has a range of options for many job conditions:

Spectrum. Built in eyeglasses provide superior eye protection, achieving Grade B medium energy impact whereas standalone eyeglasses only offer Grade F low energy impact.

Vision Plus. Integrated retractable visor offers full side-shielding and won’t interfere with eyeglasses. With optional ear guards, users are comfortable and protected.

Nexus Height Master. Model is designed to adapt and perform in tough conditions: Blazing sunlight to gale force winds to subzero temperatures. Optimized ‘micro’ peak provides maximum upward visibility without compromising safety. Height Master also features optional molded eye shield with anti-scratch/anti-mist coating and easy pull down tabs. Airmatic Inc., Malvern, Pa., 800/332-9770; www.airmatic.com