Peri mills block and paver production pallets

A key player in cast-in-place concrete construction, Peri Formwork Systems has added to its North American market offerings a namesake unit masonry production pallet. Peri Pave boards are available in sizes to 1,500 x 3,600 mm and 24- to 53-cm thicknesses, and weigh about 50 percent and 25 percent, respectively, of plastic or steel pallets of comparable load-bearing capacity. They feature multiplex cores produced through cross-bonding of premium birch veneers, and exhibit high bending stiffness and low deflection in the face of constant compaction stresses.

Peri Pave boards also have a joint-free surface with polypropylene coating, developed especially for molding uniform concrete block and pavers, and offering high impact and abrasion resistance. Their low net weight leads to energy savings during the transportation through the machine cycle. Molding cycle times can be reduced because of vibration transmission and elimination of the need for withdrawal plates. — Peri Formwork Systems Inc., Elkridge, Md., 443/718-7382;