Willow Creek ‘Infuses’ durability in premium paving stones

Willow Creek Concrete Products of Faribault, Minn., has developed a proprietary surface treatment process for its namesake Select Series pavers, including Slatestone, Slatestone Grande, Dekrastone and Eurostone. The advanced Infusion technology imparts vibrant color, enhanced color longevity, heightened durability, and additional stain-resistant properties in concrete pavers, while also minimizing absorption rates considerably.

Willow Creek demonstrates durability of Infusion-treated product (left) against a plain control specimen, subjecting each to a five-minute muriatic acid bath, rinse, wire brush and rinse cycle.
The 7-cm thick Slatestone Grande is one of four Willow Creek Select Series profiles offered with Infusion.

“[The new] process has gone through rigorous testing in our facility,” says Willow Creek Product Manager Burt Plett. “This includes outdoor testing to gauge all-season durability and timed exposures to chemicals as well as quality control measures.”

Willow Creek paving stones, he adds, are consistently engineered to meet the highest performance standards and aesthetic demands of contractors and landscape architects; designed for many years of maintenance-free service; carry a limited lifetime guarantee in residential applications; and, ideally suit the Midwest climate’s harsh freeze-thaw cycles.