Borocarbide overlay wear plate

The latest addition to a broad range of overlay products for high abrasion conditions, Duroxite 300 is presented as a competitive alternative to traditional tungsten carbide alternatives. The overlay material used for Duroxite 300 contains a high volume of an ultra-fine complex borocarbide phase. Grain size is down to 500 nanometers, which makes the borocarbides approximately 200 times finer than traditional chromium carbides.

Borocarbides’ high wear resistance and increased impact resistance allows for a reduced overlay thickness compared to traditional overlays, yielding a ligher product with longer service life. Like companion Duroxite products, the 300 plate maintains a consistent wear resistance from the surface down to 75 percent of the overlay. — SSAB Special Steels Americas, Moon Township, Pa., 412/203-1620;,