Besser integrates AMG box culvert equipment offerings

Since acquiring the AMG Rubber Gasketed Adjustable Box Culvert equipment more than a year ago, Besser Co. has been assisting precast producers across North America in lowering the costs and increasing the efficiency of box fabrication. The Besser/AMG equipment line provides ease of adjustment to seamlessly produce box culverts in a multitude of sizes, each exceeding market quality targets. The unique production method eliminates the need for continuous purchasing and storage of multiple, excess box forms.


The AMG Box Culvert equipment has extended Besser’s portfolio of precast drainage product formwork.

Standard AMG form sizes range from 3- x 2-ft. to 12-ft. square, with expansion possible up to 20- x 12-ft. Once all box size requirements are identified, engineers design a comprehensive package tailored to a producer’s diverse needs, including forms, cores, pallets, headers and support equipment. As market requirements change, producers can easily add components to fabricate additional box sizes as needed.

Consistent with all of their plant equipment offerings, Besser officials note, the adjustable AMG product line is designed with an emphasis on safety and quality. Patented, adjustable joint rings are composed of premier quality cast steel, and the company’s CNC machining process yields components that are unmatched in dimensional integrity—resulting in forms that interlock securely, are easy to assemble, and provide years of reliable service. Besser Co., Alpena, Mich., 800/968-0444 or 989/354-4111;