Clark Pacific’s Campus Housing: A robust, instructive tool for a hot market

Sources: Clark Pacific, West Sacramento, Calif., CP staff

Precast/prestressed producer and design-build specialist Clark Pacific has launched an online tool, CP Campus Housing, for one of the most active commercial building market segments. A set of integrated structural and façade components that maximize flexibility for Type I dormitory or apartment projects, it enables more owners and designers to leverage off-site construction for cost and schedule savings.

“Traditionally, each new campus housing project is approached as completely new, yet when you compare projects side by side, there is very little variance in the structure and layout,” says Clark Pacific Director of Corporate Development Roy Griffith. “With CP Campus Housing, our custom manufactured systems are designed to work together to provide a cost competitive and durable building with minimal site disruption.”

In addition to a set of standardized structural and architectural members, CP Campus Housing features the Collaborative Design Interface, a rapid design tool that leverages those components and provides schematic student housing designs. With a prefabricated structural design in hand, designers can then focus on building aesthetics and unique project needs that add value.

“Owners tell us that they want to use more prefabrication and off-site construction in their projects but don’t know where to begin,” notes Griffith. “CP Campus Housing makes it easy to start designing for prefabrication and brings prefabricated campus housing projects to market in less time, with less risk and greater cost certainty.”

By standardizing on the structural and integrated façade components and simplifying the approach to prefabricated student housing, he adds, CP Campus Housing accelerates the learning curve for designers who are unfamiliar with prefabrication and gives owners the advantage of a prefabricated structural design early in the project.