Precast mold, insert fabrication

B+S supplies machines, molds and special equipment for precast producers. The company’s skilled mechanical specialists leverage experience along with development and design competencies for concrete pipe, manhole system, box culvert and precast tank solutions.

BS ii

BS iii

The B+S Peco-System affords robotic production of monolithic manhole base or recess units. All drainage profiles, as well as inserts for pipe joints can be milled in an unlimited variety. Engineering data input is fed to the manhole and insert generator. The Peco-System is the result of what company officials note is past experience in manhole fabrication, combined with the know-how of robotic specialists. The equipment nets little if any molding material waste, and operates with low labor and maintenance factors. — B+S North American representative, Pathfinder Systems, Holland, Mich., 616/395-8447;