MCT advances concrete mix delivery and distribution for precast production

The MCT Concrete Distribution System is the result of Marcantonini Concrete Group engineers’ research & development efforts to achieve maximum functionality, efficiency and reliability for rapid transport of high and low slump mixes. Aerovan AV flying buckets can deliver concrete loads up to 750 feet/minute in a controlled way, whereby material safely reaches its point of transfer or placement swiftly without affecting any of its properties. A Wi-Fi control system, developed in-house alongside plant automation devices, synchronizes the buckets with the batch plant and casting machines. It is programmed to allow only the plant operator to override bucket position and machine status.

The BR casting machine is designed to feed concrete from the flying bucket to any kind of mold, form or bed, and can be moved using a fail-safe radio remote control unit along the mix placement area with one stroke. It is specifically designed to the dimensions of the building where it operates, and allows the bucket to rotate 180 degrees.

The casting machine’s most important feature, MCT engineers note, is its capability of operating without a dedicated overhead crane. It is detachable from the crane itself, which can therefore be used for lifting purposes when not pouring concrete. It holds the casting machine in place with a customized interfacing framework, which is designed for compatibility with any type of double girder overhead crane, making it possible to retrofit all buildings with the MCT Distribution System. — MCT Group Inc., Clearwater, Fla., 775/313-0708;