Double-L side rail system meets FMCSA 5,400-lb. rating for flatbed trailers

Double L winch side rail
41 East ii
Side rail (cutaway)

East Manufacturing has announced a patent-pending, integrated extruded aluminum side-rail system to accommodate a Double-L winch with flat-hook straps for cargo securement. Available on both sides of the Beast or Beast II flatbed trailer, the flat hook tie downs are interchangeable, allowing torque to be applied evenly to stabilize the load. Each tie down is movable so it can be positioned exactly where needed to firmly secure the cargo. Once the flat hook is engaged, the unique design of the rail holds the hook in place while users tension the strap, and enables them to source Double-L winches wherever they find cargo securement accessories.

The side rail maintains all of the standard features and benefits of East’s exclusive Securetight cargo control system. It’s a specially designed adjustable chain tie-down and unique winch strap capture system, where movable tiedowns across the top of the side rail provide positive locking every 8 inches. Straps go inside, not over the top of the rail, protecting the strap from chafing against the winch hook and from shearing or cutting should the trailer be involved in a mishap.

The new side-rail system combines versatility and safety in cargo handling. It meets the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration’s 5,400-lb. maximum load rating standard for flatbed trailers.East Manufacturing Corp., Randolph, Ohio, 330/325-8245;