Robust headset

94 Headset 300A Bluetooth headset specifically designed for tough working environments, Jabra STEEL is the company’s most durable wireless model; covered by a five-year warranty; dust, water and shock resistant to U.S. military standards; and, equipped for what product developers contend is supreme call quality, particularly in construction environments.

Jabra STEEL has been tested rigorously, the company notes, as engineers exposed it to high drops on to hard surfaces, plus testing for liquid and dust ingress, vibration and temperature exposure. The headset offers HD Voice with dual-microphone noise cancellation technology that listens to the surrounding environment and isolates user’s voice. All-important calls can be taken on the spot and clearly heard.

The Jabra STEEL offers a robust audio solution for workers with the added freedom of being wireless. Extra-large buttons have been specifically designed for use with wet, or even gloved, hands. It also gives easy access to Siri/Google Now and allows voice activated call pick-up, as well as message readout (Android phones only). The custom designed earhook also provides a secure fit regardless of the task being undertaken. Whether a job requires upside-down work, bumpy rides or safety gear, Jabra STEEL offers a compact, battery-efficient solution that remains securely in place all day, product developers note.

For those working in particularly windy conditions, a special windsock ensures clear communications when outside. Equipped with a unique MicroPOWER battery, the Jabra STEEL is lightweight and comes with a talk time of over six hours, as well as a power nap feature for extended standby. Teamed with the Jabra Assist Application, the device offers extra services including a handy set-up guide and access to a battery status. —