CAM adds Habermann synthetic mixer wear parts, dry cast slump test equipment

74 Haberi 400In partnership with Germany’s Habermann Materials, CAM Equipment Sales offers North American concrete producers Hawiflex polyurethane mixer blades and linings, plus aggregate handling/conveying wear parts. Hawiflex spans a group of elastomers based on various polyurethane raw materials and equal to harsh operating conditions.

Habermann engineers underscore the material’s high abrasion resistance, tear and propagation strengths, and dynamic resilience. The properties of the standard Hawiflex component are temperature dependent. For dynamic loads, the heat balance must not exceed 80°C in order to prevent material breakage and crack formation, although short-term peak loads of up to 120°C can be absorbed.

74 Haberii 400In addition to the Habermann product offerings, CAM Sales will introduce at World of Concrete the “Anderson” Drycast Concrete Slump Test Equipment, and promote BFS wet or dry cast production systems for pipes, box culverts, manholes and other precast components or structures; Brecon/Bosch vibration equipment; and, EuroBend steel mesh and rebar reinforcement fabrication equipment. — CAM Equipment Sales, 800/338-0715;