Allied Concrete readies 1951 Ford-mounted Rex mixer for 2016 CIM Auction

15 CIM 400

The vintage Allied Concrete Mixer specifications include 1951 Ford Truck with V8 engine; late-1940s, 2-yd. Rex mixer; four-cylinder Continental Engine drum drive; old gasoline pump with nozzle to add water; and, hand-operated steel wheel on rear to operate discharge opening gate.

While most craftsmen who restore vintage concrete mixers might loan their eye-catching iron works for the right promotion or event, Dean Leaman of Texas-based Allied Concrete Materials is dispatching his prized vehicle for good—to Las Vegas, where it will be a centerpiece of the Concrete Industry Management Auction and the keys are handed to the highest bidder.

“This generous gift, acquired and beautifully restored, is a wonderful addition to the list of industry items donated to our annual auction,” says CIM Auction Committee Chair Michael Philipps (Cemex USA). In addition to Leaman, he adds, the CIM National Steering Committee, “Would also like to thank Allied General Manager Johnny Cook—with the full support of Allied’s parent company, Summit Materials—who led the charge in donating this vehicle to CIM.”

The 2016 CIM Auction will be Wednesday, February 3 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, amid World of Concrete day two activities. Silent bidding will run 11 a.m.–1 p.m., immediately followed by live bidding. Proceeds will benefit the CIM National Steering Committee and support four-year CIM degree or Executive MBA programs at Middle Tennessee State University, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Texas State University and California State University – Chico. Manufacturers, service providers, suppliers and other parties interested in making a donation to 2016 Auction can contact Michael Phillips, 713/722-2969; [email protected].