New ready mixed specification series support outreach to engineers

Sources: National Ready Mixed Concrete Association; CP staff

The NRMCA Research Engineering and Standards Committee has unveiled Specification in Practice (SIP), a series of two-page information sheets written in an easily understandable “What, Why and How?” format. The first five topics address commonly found, high priority prescriptive issues that impact the ability to produce concrete mixtures that are sustainable and attain target performance.


They were chosen by survey, and their frequency of occurrence was quantified by a review of more than 100 currently used specifications. The SIPs can be distributed to specifying engineers by ready mixed concrete industry personnel to improve mix designs. Each specification topic is addressed under these headings:

  • States a prescriptive requirement;
  • Indicates whether the requirement is mandated by industry standards;
  • Discusses the basis for the requirement, either real or perceived;
  • Describes adverse implications of the requirement;
  • Suggests alternative performance criteria; and,
  • Illuminates the benefits of using performance alternative to a prescriptive requirement.

Available online and featured in the August issue of the American Concrete Institute’s Concrete International magazine, the SIP join a growing library of similar NRMCA publications aimed at helping to educate professionals who play a role in producing quality ready mixed concrete across a wide variety of applications. The library includes the widely subscribed Concrete in Practice series aimed at contractors, and Technology in Practice series aimed at ready mixed concrete plant personnel and concrete contractors.