Wally Hernandez has joined Besser Co. as sales and technical support representative, based in Florida and responsible for the entire product line. A Dominican Republic native, he moved to Florida at the age of 11 and, after graduating from high school, completed a tour of duty with the Marines, working in helicopter hydraulics maintenance.


Wally Hernandez

Upon discharge he began his career in concrete masonry production at the Tarmac Florida plant in Medley. When the recession hit, he relocated to Minnesota to join Anchor Wall Systems, focusing on best production practices training and education. Hernandez is one class shy of earning Master Blockmaker certification and can be reached at 989/464-9617; [email protected].

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Mike Kamsickas

SAF-Holland has appointed Mike Kamsickas as Powered Vehicle Systems Business Unit president, succeeding Jack Gisinger, who will retire at the end of 2015 after 35 years with the company. Based in Muskegon, Mich., Kamsickas will be responsible for Powered Vehicle Systems’ global operations, product engineering, OEM sales and strategic planning. With 30 years’ experience in the automotive and heavy-duty commercial vehicle industries, he joins SAF-Holland from Dayco Products, a leading global supplier of belts, tensioners and pulleys for the automotive, trucking, construction, agricultural and industrial markets. He held various leadership positions at Dayco, including president of the Global Operations Group and North American OE.

Carbon dioxide curing technology specialist CarbonCure and partner concrete masonry producers have published new Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) based on a National Concrete Masonry Association-assisted Product Category Rule (PCR) released through ASTM International late last year. The NCMA EPD Task Force responsible for the PCR comprised members from across the masonry industry, including representatives of CarbonCure technology users Anchor/Oldcastle Architectural, Brampton Brick and A. Jandris & Sons.

The new PCR allows for the rules of a life cycle analysis to be tailored to concrete masonry products, which provides specifiers detailed information when comparing products’ environmental attributes. The comparability is especially useful when looking to complete the calculations for the Materials & Resources credits under the new LEED v4 green building rating system. Before the ASTM PCR was issued, the masonry industry based EPD on a PCR developed by the University of Washington-hosted Carbon Leadership Forum or similar documents from Europe. The ASTM-validated PCR takes into account the different manufacturing processes and energy demands associated with concrete masonry products.

Cummins Inc. has outlined new environmental sustainability goals for its products in-use and managed freight logistics. They follow last year’s announcement of the company’s first comprehensive Global Environmental Sustainability Plan spanning water, waste and energy use goals in facilities and operations.

Cummins is eyeing carbon dioxide emissions reduction by partnering with customers to improve fuel efficiency of products in-use, the largest part of its CO2 footprint. The manufacturer pledges by 2020 to reach an annual reduction of 3.5 million metric tons of carbon dioxide, which equates to CO2 emissions from the consumption of 350 million gallons of fuel.

“With millions of engines and generators in service around the world, there’s no question in my mind that Cummins has the global reach to make a difference for the environment,” says Executive Director Worldwide Environmental Strategy and Compliance Brian Mormino. By the end of 2020, he adds, the company expects to assist with technology and processes that save customers 1.6 billion gallons of fuel, $6 billon, and 15 million-plus metric tons of CO2 emissions. Those benchmarks equate to taking 3.2 million passenger vehicles off the road.


48 Cemeni 400Cemen Tech, a leader in volumetric mixing equipment, was recently featured in Fox Business Network’s Manufacturing Marvels series, which spotlights American plants and wares in two-minute segment. A video team spent a day capturing detailed processes at Cemen Tech’s Indianola, Iowa, operation, focusing especially on the C860, a next generation model introduced at 2015 World of Concrete.

The Manufacturing Marvels appearance, notes Director of Sales & Marketing Mark Rinehart, is an “opportunity to share our 45 years history of manufacturing volumetric mixers with viewers across the United States. [It gives] current and potential customers an exclusive, behind the scenes view of how our mixers are made.”


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