Poke vibrators

Electric-powered Smart models have a radius of action 12 times the diameter of the poker heads rather than the standard 10, equipping them to work faster to remove air in fresh concrete. They are available with 1-7/8-in. and 2-3/16-in. poker heads. Their radii of action enables work in areas as large as 22 inches in diameter, which minimizes the number of dips. The pokers also operate with high centrifugal force and amplitude to provide as many as 12,000 vibrations per minute.45 Atlas 400

The combination of forces allows users to achieve optimal concrete density in nearly half the time as traditional pokers, product engineers contend. The 230-volt Smart vibrators can be plugged into a 120-volt outlet and activated, owing to a built-in frequency converter. They are manufactured with 32.8 feet of electrical cable and 16.4 feet of hose, with longer hose options available. Thanks to aluminum housing, the pokers weigh just 35 lb.—30 percent lighter than traditional units with steel housing. A motor-in-head design helps keep vibrations in the poker head, which allows contractors to work more comfortably. The Smart vibrators also feature an “E” pistol design for an easy, comfortable grip.

Sealed stators on the SMART pokers prevent accidental shock, which occurs if excess moisture penetrates in the motor. This thermal protection also prevents electrical overload and overheating, which damages the motor and built-in frequency converter. Additionally, thermal switches a) detect electrical issues and automatically shut off the poker to prevent damage; and, b) prevent the pokers from automatically starting after a power outage, which can cause concrete to segregate. To minimize the need for routine maintenance, product engineers designed the pokers without a shaft. Each poker also comes with a complete service kit, including O-rings and ball bearings. — Atlas Copco Construction Equipment, 800/732-6762; www.atlascopco.com