American Manufacturing Group consolidates units, upgrades castings, fabrication

A recent consolidation of the former American Manufacturing Group, Manufacturing Division of American CNC Leasing, LLC and a foundry castings business has spawned a new Jonesboro, Ark.-based entity, American Manufacturing Group–Marketing Division, to handle the sales of existing Box Culvert Mold Equipment plus an expanded line of domestic foundry products. Sales will be coordinated by General Manager L. Paul Fergeson through an established manufacturers representative network.28 AMG 400

An expanded foundry product line will include a wide variety of small- to mid-size range castings in steel, ductile, premium gray iron, ni-hard, special alloys and aluminum. Advanced CNC machining is available in the Arkansas operation using a battery of nine horizontal and vertical machining centers, as well as three CNC turning centers. The foundry has operated in Jonesboro for 40-plus years. Construction of a new foundry CNC machine shop started in late 2012, the first two new machining centers commissioned in early 2013, the remaining ones through early 2014.

In addition to rough as cast and machined casting, AMG–Marketing Division will be offering “One-Off Robotic Molded Castings.” A no-bake sand mold is produced by one of three robotic carving machines without the need for a conventional foundry pattern—a valued-added feature when prototype or small quantity castings are required. When there is a need for a conventional foundry pattern the group offers fully CNC-machined permeate aluminum patterns. These can be produced from a solid model drawing or reversed engineered using one of several in house CMM workstations and tools on a fast track basis.

As part of the consolidation, the AMG–Marketing Division general sales office is now housed at the machine shop, from which direct customer shipments have commenced. The final consolidation phase entails an alliance with a local primary metal processing company that expanded into a modern, 400,000-sq.-ft. facility in 2013. The operation offers precision production shearing, forming, laser cutting and powder coating. AMG now has available close-tolerance laser cutting for material thickness from 16-gauge through 1-in. plate steel. Work can be performed on any of seven double-station CNC laser-cutting machines.

“There is a synergy among the group that can only come from being part of an established industrial manufacturing community in a place such as Jonesboro,” notes Paul Fergeson. “This alliance is formed with a common goal: ‘’Manufacturing Quality Is Not A Slogan, It Is A Commitment.’”