Hanson Pipe & Precast adds City Drains, Hydroguard to branded lines

20 Hanson 240An agreement with Betonwerk US will see Hanson Pipe & Precast manufacture and distribute City Drains, a streamlined, unobtrusive surface drain and underground pipe system for commercial and residential applications. Terms call for the producer to offer two models in Florida: the City Drain 100, which is designed for residential and light commercial use, can be saw-cut on site, does not require a cast-in-place foundation, and includes a newly developed connection system; and, City Drain 150, which suits commercial use, eliminates traffic vibration noise, and reduces concrete foundation requirements. Both models can be paved directly to the edge and install quickly.

“City Drain offers numerous benefits over other drain types and cast-in-place options, including fast and straightforward installation,” says Hanson Pipe & Precast Vice President of Technical Services Darren Wise. “The City Drain 100 and 150 are an ideal addition to [our] growing list of specialty products that help improve infrastructure and ensure longevity.”20 Hansoni 400

In a separate agreement with Hydroworks LLC involving production and distribution in Florida, California and Texas, Hanson Pipe & Precast has added the Hydroguard hydrodynamic separator, installed underneath parking lots, gas stations, roads and other hard-surface conditions. Fabricated in five sizes from 4 to 12 feet in diameter and 5 to 10.5 feet in depth, the precast concrete device removes suspended solids, oil, and trash from storm water runoff, preventing contaminants from reaching creeks and rivers.

“The Hydroguard system is an ideal solution to the problem of non-point source pollution, which is responsible for 80 percent of water pollution in North America,” says Wise. “Our plants are well equipped to manufacture the devices to the exacting specifications and customized sizing required for individual applications.”

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Hanson Pipe & Precast will manufacture City Drains at its Deland, Fla., plant and distribute them throughout the Sunshine State. The producer will fabricate and promote the Hydroguard system in Florida, California and Texas.

With separate treatment areas for low and high flows, Hydroguard helps minimize scour and resuspension of previously captured fine debris. Designed with urban environments in mind, the structure features a small footprint to minimize conflicts with other utilities and needs only minimal elevation difference between the inlet and outlet pipe. It requires once-per-year maintenance under typical use.