Nanotech-enabled concrete coating quells heat transfer 20+ percent

Sources: Eagle Roofing Products, Rialto, Calif.; CP staff

A leading independent in one of the more specialized areas of manufactured concrete, Eagle Roofing continues regional rollout of Platinum Tile, whose patented, penetrating coating acts as a thermal insulator to reduce heat transfer into and out of a structure. Applied to freshly extruded tile, the coating is a product of nanotechnology, where measurements tend to billionths of a meter.

“Initial interest in Platinum has surpassed all of our expectations,” says Eagle Florida Regional Sales Manager Hawk Kinney. “Although all [concrete] roofing tiles offer significant savings [in] heating and cooling expense compared to other materials, Platinum may enhance those savings by 20 to 40 percent.”

“For years our industry has strived to increase the energy efficiency of concrete roof tile through reflectivity, some would say, to the detriment of aesthetics. Platinum changes the conversation about energy efficiency forever,” adds Eagle Director of Technical Services Tyler Allwood. “Customers will enjoy the enduring beauty and protection they have come to expect from Eagle roofing tiles, paired with Platinum’s thermal insulating properties and guaranteed mold, mildew, fungus and algae resistance—without sacrificing aesthetics or strength.”

Platinum is available through Eagle Roofing sources in East and Midwest markets; a third quarter rollout is scheduled for the West. The producer secured the coating technology in a mid-2014 agreement with Industrial Nanotech, Inc., which develops and commercializes low VOC, water-based formulations.

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