Collector technology boosts daylighting for standard, high bay plant conditions

66-IN-SolatubeIII-330To address traditional skylights’ limitations for large space daylighting, the company has developed collector technology extending its high output SkyVault Series line. SkyVault Series M74 DS with Collector is the first commercial daylighting system to employ a specially-designed vertical lens that boosts light output under marginal conditions.

“The SkyVault Collector captures low-angle daylight that would normally bypass a traditional skylight,” says Solatube International Vice President of Product Enterprise Dr. Neall Digert. “This makes it possible to boost daylight delivery when light levels are at their lowest, during early mornings, late afternoons and winter months.”

Featuring patented Raybender Technology, the SkyVault Collector intercepts light as it passes through the dome and drives it down into the tubing. This allows the system to capture more light for greater output. Built-in LightTracker with Cool Tube Technology also minimizes solar heat gain by keeping infrared rays from entering the building. The new model pairs the original Solatube M74 DS unit with the SkyVault Collector and Prismatic Diffuser. It especially suits commercial projects with floor to diffuser heights of 26 ft. and higher. — Solatube International, Vista, Calif., 888/SOLATUBE;