Test suits slabs set for floor coverings

A proposed ASTM International standard, WK47030, Practice for Evaluating Concrete Floor Systems to Receive Resilient Flooring, follows World Floor Covering Association and Floor Covering Installation Contractors Association endorsement of dryness testing and slab evaluation by third parties. Once approved, WK47030 can be specified in construction documents or contacts as a way to require such oversight.

The proposed standard addresses evaluation of a concrete slab system that is intended to be covered with resilient flooring. It features a review of concrete floor slab design and construction documents to ensure compatibility with specified floor covering and adhesive manufacturer requirements.

“The ultimate intent of WK47030 is that someone, regardless of where they are in design or construction, can have all pertinent data and documents in a comprehensive document that notes any and all discrepancies or conflicts between what the concrete contractor has been assigned to do versus the needs of a floor covering system,” says ASTM Committee F06 on Resilient Floor Coverings member George Donnelly, who heads an eponymous testing and inspection service.
ASTM WK47030 is being developed by Subcommittee F06.40 on Practices. Contacts: technical, George Donnelly, 501/915-0626, [email protected]; staff liaison, Stephen Mawn, 610/832-9726; [email protected].